Monday, October 6, 2014

Prayer Please!

Right now my sister is sitting at the airport about to board a plane to
New Delhi India!
It's hard to believe for an entire year she will be following her call to reach people sharing the gospel... in INDIA. Not exactly where I thought she would end up but isn't that how God works most of the time?! I'm so excited, nervous, and sad all wrapped up in big bowl of emotion! I can't imagine the feeling she must be having getting ready to board. I'm excited because this has been a deep desire for her for many years.. her dreams are finally coming true! Her life has be designed for her to serve on the mission field... if anyone is ready, she is her faith is rooted deeper than anyone I know!  I'm sure you can sense,  I am so beyond proud of her for allowing God to be able to use her to the ends of the earth! What a year this will be but she needs our help!
Will you join me in praying for her!
Prayer request: 
Pray that she would have a hunger and renewal for Jesus and His word so that no sin will have dominion over her (Psalm 119:133)
Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of the people to hear the gospel. Pray he would give new life out of the dead and hardened hearts
(Colossians 4:3-4)
Pray for boldness(Ephensians6:19)
Pray for a spirit of unity within her team as well other partners(Romans 15:5)
Pray to stand firm under affliction and to look forward to eternal Glory(2 Corinthians 4:17)
Pray for a hedge of protection around her (Job 1:10)

Sadness covers me as I think of my selfish desires of not being able to see her or the things she will miss but I know it's not about me .. it's all about Jesus! It's about living this short time on this earth to surrendering ourselves and being used to further his Kingdom! That is exactly what she is about to do as she places her foot on the plane right now! Gives me chills!!  
I love you sweet sister and praying like crazy for you!

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