Tuesday, January 1, 2013

18 months old Today

 Our littlest nugget Kate turns 18 months old today!
It's hard to believe she has entered into full toddler-hood. Our chunky squishy sweet adorable girl has hit the milestone of stubborn ways. Just when I thought we were getting off scott free of having an easy baby Kate has my mind thinking it was too good to be true. She is a Momma lover and melts my heart with her big blue eyes and smirk of love that she does when I hold her in my arms. The smirk is "I got my Momma right where I want her" knowing she is my last baby. She just loves to be held .  It's true if you're the youngest you truly DO get away with more. She is pretty funny too, her favorite word is "YA"  to just about everything you ask her but don't try to trick her like saying "I'm  going to feed your dinner to Lucky?" she quickly will say "MINE". I can tell she is on the edge of beginning to really talk as she is starting to try to speak more and more. A few favorite words right now are, YA, mine, hi, byebye, mommy, daddy, stop it, doggies, ball, bath, pappie, duck, and milk. 

This girl is independent trying to keep up with her brothers and sister watching their every move. She wants to do it all with nothing holding her back.. she will try it all. Thank goodness her tough personality comes in handy when she's exploring new things. She has had more cuts, bruises, and falls than any other of my kids, always within minutes she is up trying to do it all again. 
  We were out walking the lake today enjoy the Florida sunshine looking for fish in the lake.  
She loves walks and loves walking her baby around and around in her stroller... she does it for hours. 
If were not able to find her in the house, she usually off hiding in the boys room playing cars and trains, she's great at playing by herself.  Another great pastime is she loves opening and closing things especially doors... she could do it a hundred times. 
Our personal greeter loves to say hi and bye bye to everyone. 
Her snuggles are the sweetest and she is a full cuddlier with her head always resting on my shoulder. 
Most friends tell me she looks the most like Brooke which I see in this picture
For being the youngest, she can be spicy and spunky.. her cry is LOUD and mad... 
The girl has some volume! Maybe because Jonas at an early age was teaching her how to scream, it comes in handy for getting what she wants.  For these last few weeks we are at the beginning stages of the melt downs, body throws, and the irrational women of not knowing what she wants but just to cry. For example, in the photo above she's mad because I didn't give her passy to her. 
Look who won that battle! 
The girl is addicted to her passy more than my other kids .. within minutes if it's not in her mouth she's looking for it. Hey, she is my baby and I know she won't be 16 going to school with it. Our baby girl is growing faster and faster as each month goes by ... as I reflect on the New Year my mind races on all the things I still want to do and haven't done with my kids yet. I cling to these precious moments more to even enjoy the terrible twos we're about to embark on as they are most likely my last!  Here's to a great New Years day celebrating our little Kate as a family... I'm off to grill up some hamburgers. 

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The Pendrak's said...

So happy for you Heidi! God has blessed your sweet family indeed!