Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

It's only appropriate to do a Halloween picture for embrace the camera.
 As you can tell for Halloween this year we were a GATOR team! 
Parker our football player, Brooke our cheerleader, Jonas our Super Hero Gator and Kate a little cheerleader. 
Daddy and I were just normal gator fans cheering on our sweet team! 

My sweet "Pa" and Kim have a fun annual tradition of picking out our costumes. Most the time the kids can't ever decide on what they want to be, so this eliminates the problem and I promise you they are much nicer costumes than I would ever buy. It's a surprise usually, this year really we had no idea. The kids opened up their gift to a overflowing amount of gator things. It was perfect as Brooke had mentioned she wanted to be a cheerleader and even more Perfect as my husband loves him some Gators! Even extra points for my family to send gator outfits when they are Tennessee fans, must of been hard for them to do. 
Brooke opens the box up first ... 
A Tim Tebow jersey... "YES" he says..
We got some Gator Pride around here! 
Our youngest cheerleader
 Our little Gator mascot as a pillow pet definately a fight around here of who gets to sleep with it .. 
you can see who is winning 
The twins had the hang of trick or treating trying to run ahead and get the most amount of candy they could.
Kate had trick or treating down marching up to each door holding out her bucket and placing her candy in .. such a big girl until she saw doggies ... the candy was thrown to the side and she couldn't wait to get her hands on the puppies!! EVERY single one of them.. she had to stop and run over to them. 
She would laugh and scream trying to say "doggie doggie!" It was adorable! 
Who needs candy when there is cute little dogs to play with.  
Jonas was nervous this year with all the creepy Halloween sounds... he didn't know what to think of all the haunted decorations. It was too much for him and really not worth being scaredto get a piece of candy. He held on tight to my leg most of the night and unless I was making the trip up with him holding my leg he wasn't getting any candy. Towards the end of the night he got a little braver to do a few houses on his own. But really I enjoyed him needing me and holding on to me as he's not a cuddlier so I take it when I can get it. 
This is our gang...missing a few this year due to sickness which is also an annual tradition. 
Someone is always sick. 
We've had our Halloween Party for the past 5 years. 
Oh how our families have grown over the years...
This was taken only 4 years ago and most of our families have doubled in size. 

Thanks "PA" and Kim for the great costumes another touchdown for the memory books! 
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