Thursday, November 8, 2012


With moving and getting unpacked we couldn't do birthday parties this year. Jonas and the twin's birthdays are only 3 weeks apart. They were fast approaching, so we decided to do a surprise joined birthday weekend. After a Saturday soccer game, and Kate heading over to Mimi's house for some extra lovin, we started driving away from town without the kids knowing where we were going... the questions started "mommy where we going?" " Are we going swimming?" Are we going to Sea world? ...  for about thirty minutes everyone tried to guess where we were headed. Finally they guessed it and were pretty excited....not sure Parker enjoyed the surprise part as he wanted us to just tell him as he just wanted to go home to play with his new Lego's he had gotten for his birthday .. he is my little homebody! ... little did he realize that he was going to be playing Lego's at Legoland. 
He had talked about going to Legoland ever since it had opened up. 
After arriving I could feel the true excitement from the kids!  
We had mixed reviews about Lego Land and not knowing what to expect. 
It was a cool crisp day which made it even more enjoyable. They had a extra Halloween trick or treating part the kids loved. The lines weren't bad and while you're in line your kids build Lego's while they wait... what a genius idea. 
For us it was great, every ride was just perfect for their age, nothing too scary. 
Good thing Jonas needed a haircut it helped with his height to get on the rides:) 
My cute boys

The twins turned 6 ... CRAZY 
It was a fun day! 
We missed Kate but it was so much easier not chasing her around and just pouring into the 3 birthday kids 
So, the verdict is out .... our family loved Legoland and anytime your down in FL it's worth the trip. 
Oh J-man you crack me up... 
All day we kept telling them if you're good, there might be another surprise coming your way...
We headed to the Nickelodeon hotel to stay the night! 
The kids went down every water slide and enjoyed two nickelodeon slimed shows. 
It was a great time celebrating my PB&J! 
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kristin said...

Hi Heidi!
Found your blog via Embrace the Camera link-up, and goodness, what a sweet family you have! Can't wait to check out more of your blog! :)

Unknown said...

Love the pics! Looks like so much fun! My boys would love to go!

The Modernista said...

I just found your blog through Embrace the Camera! Love it. This pictures are just too cute!


Jen said...

this looks like so much!! you have an adorable family. new follower of your blog :)