Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Mess

Our cozy cute new house is a total MESS! 
They started the work last Thursday to find so much more damage than we could have imagined. The leak from the AC (read about it here) had been going on for a long time. I hopped on the emotional roller coaster of updates every hour of how bad the damage was going to be. Plus having Kate with me made it even more stressful while trying to keep her outside so she wouldn't breath the junk! After hearing many times we have no idea where it stops and how much they were going to have to rip up... Friday afternoon walls had been torn up and a lot of flooring gone. They treated what they could but waited until Monday to move forward with the rest of the damage... as we needed to live there for the weekend. After camping out upstairs with windows open and pinic dinners. They continued their work on Monday, not knowing what to think...ripping up the bench seating, moving out the couches in the living room... I held my breath and prayed for dry flooring somewhere.
They then found some mold under the kitchen cabinets...a huge problem! Then within minutes later it looked to only be on a corner of one cabinet that they were able to treat. Amen! 
Yes this is mold... within our walls! 
 we thought we would have a little over a 100sq ft of damage but now it's tripled that amount 

It was in our 2x4's ugg...
The worst mold you can have .. fuzzy and black  

It's been a continued drama with trying to find hardwoods, no washer/ dryer, non-stop cleaning up mold partials and with having moments of being really upset. 
I just feel so frustrated on why we have to spend our money on someone else's fault can burn you up inside, but we're trying to keep a good perspective as it could been much worse! We are on a hunt for a lawyer but our case just might not be big enough to fight for this or do we really have the time or energy? 
After a day of drying out the moisture and treating the mold we are starting to see HOPE! Progress is being made and the worst is behind us .. we are moving forward which makes me happy! 
This is one chapter in life I would just like to skip over:) 

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missy said...

heidi, i am sorry for this mess. i hope it will all behind you soon!