Thursday, April 5, 2012

Were Moving

Today is the big day! 
We are moving not far just a 3 mile drive away to our friend's rental. 
I ain't going to lie, I'm sad .. I love my house... really everything about it! 
We have made it our home and our favorite place we have lived. 
Our neighbors are rock stars, just plain awesome like family looking after us and loving our kids. 
For the past 5 1/2 years we have built our most precious moments in this house. One's I know the twins remember some but Kate will not having any. Most importantly Scott and I hold this house dear to us as we have had the greatest years of our life here bringing home Jonas and Kate plus raising our twins.. there are just so many FIRST times accomplished here. Mainly this house been a place that Scott and I have learned to be parents I look at this picture below and a rush of emotion come over me. We were clueless and majorly sleep deprived! The twins were only a month old moving into this house... crazy I know!! 
 Just look how tiny they were
Moving into our brand new house 5  1/2 years ago! The twins were a month old  

I remember breastfeeding both of them in our closet and a mover came in 
boy, that was forever embarrassing! 
It was a rough time not knowing anyone here and being a new mom.
 I counted the minutes down until Scott got home from work every night. 
but I knew we were right where we belonged... the night we moved in the sunset was breathtaking 
and also gave me peace and excitement for what was in store. 

Me and Parker the night we moved in 

Here we are today, wow how has life changed.
 God has given us so many blessings!
Even though we won't be in the house anymore we will always remember the shared moments. 
Still makes me sad! I hate change 
 But this change will hopefully be for the better as we really needed a back yard and one more bedroom so Kate doesn't have to sleep in our room anymore.  
Hopefully after we finally find a home to buy we won't be moving ever again!! 
I want to dig my roots in deep and have a strong foundation of stability  for my kids to grow up with.
Even though I know we don't always get what we want in life 
 Don't we all look so much older ... even Lucky has grey hair. 

So, the next chapter begins while we look for our forever home.. say a prayer that God makes his direction clear and where we will be used the most by Him. stay tuned...
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emily anderson said...

this is just such a great post. i love everything about it...and while i'm sad for you to (i LOVE that house) i know ya'll will find a great one where you can plant your feet--and stay!

love all the memories you created there.

Jessica said...

Love this! Jonas looks so grown up with that hair cut. Excited to see where you end up landing and all the blessings to come in your new home.

Angel said...

Moving is so hard. But, your great looking family has some wonderful new memories to create in the coming days/months/years!

Andrea Martin said...

Wow! Congratulations! My family also moved out last week. We used some loans like payday loans and house loans to have our new house since we are expecting a new baby this coming June. :)