Sunday, April 1, 2012

KaTee Kate

Is what Jonas calls Kate... actually both boys call Kate, Katie, which I think is pretty cute.
 Our little Kate turns 9 months old today!
 For me I think this age is one of my favorite 
Yes, it's true I think being the youngest of 4 she is learning fast
and growing up even faster.. makes me sad. 
 She loves the swing and could sit in it for hours 
Getting a picture with her smiling can be hard to do, she just too quick ... 
 By far she is my chunkiest baby! Look at those thighs ... don't you just want to eat them they are so cute!! 
 Caught another happy face... loving the swing 
 Still loves to blow bubbles for entertainment... still NO teeth. 
After a long afternoon of swinging a girl can get tired! 
Such a rough life 

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Brittany Gilbarte said...

Very sweet pictures! What a beautiful little girl!