Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Niece

 Last weekend we celebrated our sweet niece 1st birthday!
I can be totally cliche and say where has the time gone... as I always say but I think I have finally come to terms  as we get older and more kids we have the time speeds up weather we like it or not.
 I looked back on my post on Ansley being born and really it feels like just yesterday.  
We had a nice weekend away hanging with our cousins at the beach. 
 Kate's first time in the pool... just like all the others I think she's going to love the water. 
Brooke was so excited to get her in the was the like the night before Christmas excited!
Yes, I think Brooke sometimes thinks Kate is her baby telling me to be careful, always watching over her.   
 Ansley and Kate greeting each other with a gentle face rub in the water. 
With only being 3 months apart I think they are going to be close. 
Happy birthday sweet girl! 
One year down and many more to look forward too..
 hopefully the time will slow down eventually ... right??

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Danett said...

Oh my that pool makes me jealous! I am ready for some warm swimming weather. Glad you had a chance to spend some fun time with the family making memories. Your family is precious!

Jessa said...

Happy Birthday little cutie!

Nicole said...

What fun photos! There's nothing sweeter than babes in their swimming suits!