Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Training

Guess who is in potty training boot camp? 
What a welcome home for daddy! He was dying laughing!  
Our J-man is ready for the potty actually has been for a few months but this mama has been putting it off as long as possible. Within a few days of nakedness, some candy for reinforcements,  he's got the hang of it and he's wearing pull ups to school.  He's by far been the easiest to train. 
Next week is spring break, so watch out if you come to the door you might have a naked one answer. 
Hopefully by next week and he'll be wearing big boy underoos!
 I'll keep you posted, wish me luck   
I do think this is a greeting that daddy won't forget 
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Anonymous said...

oh that picture is priceless & so stinkin cute!
I'm dreading potty training too, good thing I don't have to start for a few years. My son will be one next month!

emily anderson said...

i love his butt.

Anna-Leigh said...

Hahaha! That is awesome! We've just gone through potty training and naked time here too. You wouldn't be doing the proper thingas a mama if you didn't get some cute heiny shots ;-)

Jon y Amy said...

hehe. Love it!