Friday, March 2, 2012

About a month ago...

 We were at the adoption retreat, how it really feels like much longer as the refreshing things I have learned seemed to have escaped my mind as we get consumed with daily demands for our household. That's why I write this as I read over my notes praying for them to stick and engrave into my heart. I don't know about you but if I write/type it, it's seems to stick longer.  
 First night at the retreat we learned that
You are perfume
You are a mirror 
Your a treasure 
We are the perfume and mirror for our children the fragrance of what our children will smell.  How does our fragrance smell? If your normal I'm sure you're like me and it will smell sour sometimes.
 What do we need to do to be refreshed smelling of sweet incense again? 
We need to dive deep into prayer and the word. 
So our fragrance is of God's being a wonderful mirror of what God looks like through us to our children. 
Just as we see our children as a treasure we need to see ourselves as one too. 
Which I admit is hard for me grasp, I can honestly say this weekend retreat was so uplifting feeling God tell me that I'm his treasure. oh what a feeling it feels to be loved so much by the one who created me ...
 hopefully in return I can share that same uplifting love to my children letting them know what a wonderful treasure they are, one of a kind!

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.. Proverbs 23:7
You can ask most of my friends that I'm concerned on how to teach my children about the gospel...constantly thinking I need to get the right study books, or read the right kid bibles.Without growing up in a christian home I worry as I'm not sure how to teach them about God. 
I don't want to force it but I want them to be surrounded by it... I think it takes a healthy balance. 
After this weekend, I realized more than anything we teach them by our actions and our words... 
as we are our children's examples.
 Let us be the example of what being a disciples looks like and with God help they will follow in our footsteps. 


missy said...

i was there too. such a powerful message!

leemeandthegirls said...

I'm going in March and CANNOT WAIT! :) So glad you had such a good time!