Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Kind of Pockets

Oh, there is never a dull moment with our little J-man. 
You just don't know when he's going to crack you up, he is our very own comedian. 
You may see these pictures below and wonder why in the world does Jonas have on a bike helmet and girls swimming bottoms on? 
Strange yes, but to Jonas perfectly normal.
He got a new scooter for Christmas and I think he really was more excited about wearing Parker's helmet.
 I'm not quite clear on how he ended up with girls swimming suit bottoms??
 but the girls were swimming on Christmas day ... 
crazy I know but believe me it was warm here. 
Then Mimi is giving J-man his gifts... his very own Lighten McQueen and Mater "from Car 2" he will tell you.
 They are so he doesn't steal Parker's anymore they can each have their own. 
 The first thing he does with them is sticks them in his pockets just like Parker does  ... opps he had forgotten he has a bikini bottoms on ...not sure why he expected that to work...oh well, might work anyways he kept trying ...
 fell right out .... "oh umm"  he says 

Does it again and again .. concentrating very hard 
 Then he finally gets it and he's so proud 
and of course we are all dying laughing so hard. 
 So glad I didn't pee my pants I was laughing so hard ... 
oh never a dull moment with this cutie pie! 

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