Thursday, January 5, 2012

Highlights over Christmas Break

I guess I really can't move on from 2011 yet as this last month just went way to fast... 
still can't believe Christmas is over!
Yes, I'm still living in the past but here are some fun highlights over Christmas break. 
Our traditional Christmas Eve at our friends house 
 She is so brave having this many kids destroy her house the night before Christmas. 
All our small group and her family joins for dinner and 
a night of fun with live music from our own accordion player. 

Another fun night with friends 
We cooked our first Pork Crown Roast ... a gift from my family 
So yummy!  
 This is Gingy from the movie Shrek. 
I took the twins to decorate a yummy gingerbread house. 
 Here's our final creation, we ate the final bites last night 
Us girls on Christmas morning.. all together in our pink!  
I promise the last embrace the camera pictures from 2011:)
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