Thursday, January 19, 2012

Momma crush

 Yes, Kate has a Momma crush .. it's precious and I'm eating every bit of it up as
 I know someday she's going to hate me... 
you know it's true, don't all girls go through that phase of hating their mothers? I know I did and still do struggle. .. just being honest. So, these moments won't last forever but I'm going to hold on to them as much as I can. When I walk in the room you can just see her little heart melt and she gives me that huge wide mouth smile with a panting laugh. Oh how I want to save it and put it in a box to pull out her sweet voice. I love this baby phase as when I pick her up I say MAMA and yes, I have heard her say it in return a few times. I know she doesn't really understand what she's saying but still I'm noting it now that she said the word mama first:)  
 Cuddle time after a nap is the best 
I just can't tell you enough how easy she is ... Look at those sweet blue eyes and her innocents glace
Oh, if only she could stay this way forever! 

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anything but LoKEY said...

She is a beauty! And I love that she is looking right into the camera. So sweet. We gotta take while we can get it!! :)

Dear Boys Love Mom said...

She is beautiful! You should totally frame that first picture. What an angel

Kim said...

She is so precious!!!