Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Kate's Hungry"

 ( This is a reenactment) 
Jonas was being mama's helper while I turned my back for a minute ... 
"Kate's Hungry... Kate's Hungry... Mommy!" Jonas kept saying 
"Umm... I think to myself he's up to something"
 as I walked in to see the pile of puffs on the tray. 
Oh is Kate hungry or is Jonas? he looked up and laughed... 
oh Jonas you are just too silly 
( FYI They were in their cute Hawaiian clothes dressing for daddy as he was coming home from Hawaii) 

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Kim said...

Oh my, too cute!!!

P.S. Do you mind if I ask if you like that space saver high chair? Does it wiggle around a lot? Hard to clean? Sorry for the questions, lol! Trying to decide what to get for our new little one :O).