Monday, December 5, 2011


The house is quiet .... all 4 kids are taking a nap today at the same time! It's amazing and rarely happens. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... that someday I will have my hour of quiet in the afternoon back. Without realizing it I took a little blogging break... it seemed the weeks were flying by like days. A broken camera has been keeping me from posting as no-one really wants to read blog post without fun photos to go along with it. 
Well, no longer I was feeling guilty as I swear Kate has about 10 photos since she has been born ... so sad totally due to being the 4th child. I went to get a cheap point and shoot camera and walked away with a good one.  With 5 different people convincing me I needed a good camera with 4 children, I grabbed it and didn't think twice ... with in a week later Scott had told me he's getting money back from his non sick days he didn't take at work which was the price of the camera. So disciplined and honestly on Scott's end got me a new camera .. nice how things work out sometimes:) 

Anyways, the camera was so fun to play with while in NC. Really, it's priceless to capture these pictures. I feel like I have a professional with me at all times. 
So much is changing right before our eyes and fun to capture those moments through a lens ... 
( more to come )

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