Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The twins are becoming more mature helping me around the house daily. Doing their chores without me asking them. It's so nice not to nag and it's becoming a habit for them. Brooke really has been taking an older sister role. Her instincts of being a momma are so awesome to watch blossom, she reminds me of me when I was little.  She knows exactly what her siblings need at all times, she jumps at the chance to change a diaper or feed a bottle or baby food. I just love to watch her talk baby talk to Kate... sounds just like me.  Her patience is great when it comes to Jonas...more than mine some days! You would be amazed at what she can get him to do and the love she pours into him without much back in return. She is trying to show him the right way even though some days she needs to take her own advise. Her strong willed spirit is becoming a good tool in her character.  Her nurturing heart is just beautiful and so genuine. I love her determination to do what is right.. her bossiness keeping the kids in line because she knows it's a lot on mommy to have 4 children so she instantly wants to help (that's what she told me the other day.. sad, I know) Also, she is becoming quite the cook wanting to help me with dinner every night. She is going to be one amazing wife and mommy someday... she is a little mommy in training! 

Oh if I could have a penny for her thoughts in this picture. she was the first to walk up the mountain .. leading all of us behind her.. which I think is a reflection of who she is becoming. 

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