Thursday, September 22, 2011

Party Time

This last Saturday was Jonas first actual birthday party. He turned 2 years old! To be truthful he seems so much older as he hangs so well with the older kids and has been talking for so long. But he will quickly remind you that he's two when he throws that fun 2 year old tantrum. He had a great day and was on cloud 9 knowing it was his special day. There was an extra hop in his step all day. He was very excited that his friends came to celebrate. 
 Our cousins Ellie and Abby came!
 Super Nanny Rachel was there! 
 Jonas loves the water splashing game
 Daddy and Mimi with Miss Sunshine 
 Pouring water over Pops game 
 The cute girls 
 The handsome boys (Yes Parker is digging in his nose, classic)
 Trying to get Jonas' toddler friends together (impossible) 
only missing Miss Olivia, too intimating with 3 boys 
Miss Olivia and family 
Pizza Time 
Jonas was lovin licking the cake icing and talking to Elmo and Friends  
About to sing "Happy Birthday"  (proof I was actually at the party)

It's funny as only three families came but had 16 kids there. That should tell you we hang out with some big families. I don't remember the twins being close to their friends at 2 years old but Jonas is... he loves them and talks about them all the time. It was a very special day and fun to pour into our sweet little J-man. 

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