Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ready for School

It's that time of year, summer has come to a close as the kids are now ready to start school. This is one year I can say we are all ready with the new addition of baby Kate it has left us all a little stir crazy. Back to somewhat of a normal rotinue will be good for us all. 
Before the big day there were the many things to get done...
1st on the list getting new shoes. Yes, I pulled the trigger and got the goddy twinkle toes shoes for Brooke... she wanted them so badly I caved when they were on sale. Nice running shoes for the boys..Parker is convinced they make him run faster. Poor Jonas, the minute he ran in his new shoes he tripped and skinned his knee... back to the store to get a smaller size.
Trying on our new shoes.

Next on the list, individual "dates" to get their haircut, lunch boxes, and back packs. The kids have been really craving some one-on-one time with mommy so we call them a date. I love them as much as the kids do being able to just pour into one child and check in with them to see how their doing. You would be amazed the things you can talk about plus whats more fun then just spending quality time making your child feel special?

Brooke's new hair cut and Hello Kitty back pack
Jonas getting a long overdue hair cut .. the summer fro is gone 

3. Meet the teacher day. We took a chance with Brooke and Parker's VPK class and picked the class with the new teacher they hadn't hired yet. When we went to it I was shocked to see it was my friend from my church bible study. God knew exactly where they needed to be. After visiting with old friends at school the kids came home to practice playing school. 

When I was growing up my Aunt had a fun tradition that I started with my kids this year. It's a special fun day getting to do whatever you want before heading back to school. We loaded up on all the junk food you can imagine.. oreos, chocolate chip cookies, gummies, cotton candy, chocolate covered peanuts, sprite and root beer. The stuff I don't typically let my kids have. Then rented 3 movies and told the kids they can stay in their PJ's all day. Parker was the most excited as 1st thing in the morning he ran into my room asking if today was the day!? It was fun alright and I think a tradition that we will do again.   

What a cutie pie! 
We made a huge bed on the living room floor to cuddle on
This picture is the few minutes I got Jonas watching the movie ... still doesn't like watching tv
So precious they were holding hands cuddling 

After church we went shopping for all their school supplies
 We were all prepared for the 2011-12 school year. 
On Monday was their 1st day... it went great and both came home excited to start Pre-K 
Yes, even little Jonas is trying out school this year.
He's such a social butterfly that I think he's going to love the interaction.
He's always acted so much older than his age.. it's easy to forget he's not even 2 years old yet. 
He walked right in and said "bye mommy" so excited to see all the Elmo toys.
 Crazy how big he is!!
 I was more sad than he was. 
When picking him up he was wiped, 3 hours of non stop playing wore him out 
His class 
J-man was a little excited, it was hard to capture a picture
His smile is just worth a million bucks even when he's not looking at the camera 

Not sure how this year will be but they are prepared for the new adventure to begin. 

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Deborah said...

What fun traditions to begin the school year with. Thanks for sharing.