Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 Choices

As some of you may know there is a horrible drought going on in the horn of Africa effecting Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. It is the worst drought in 60years!  It crosses my mind through the day thinking how awful this must be to deal with heavy flying dry dust and starvation, mothers watching their children suffer. My friend had posted this from CNN on the largest refugee camp:

Pretty powerful right?!! 
At night rocking Jonas to sleep I think where would he be if he weren't here with us? What might he have to endure if he never made it to the orphanage? He could have been one of those children struggling to live! 
Instead I watched him playing in the sink washing his hands for the 100th time endless amounts of water he and all of us here have access too. It amazes me to think all what is going on in the other parts of the world while we have so many luxuries we take for granted. While we are getting ice cubes for our water they are without! It makes me sick! 

Well if you feel the same way, there is a few ways you can help.. the organization Hopechest (we have our sponsor child with) has a Trees of Glory Well project. You might have hear me mention them before. They are close VERY close to raising enough money to provide a well to their community they are only $1500 away !! More than ever they need this Project to start so I'm asking you to help only with a small donation. There are 3 ways you can do it 

1. My friend Heather has another purse auction going with all proceeds donated 

For just $5 you can enter to win this authentic coach bag. Go to http://onepurse.org/ for details.

2. For just $10, you can purchase an Ethiopian bracelet via this blog 

Click on the bracelet link at the top left, or donate any amount via the donate button below it.

The bracelets say "I love you" in Amharic (main Ethiopian language).

3. Or, go to the Hopechest site and give directly to the well fund:

go to www.hopechest.org, click on GIVE
Select DESIGNATED GIFT and specify the dollar amount of your donation
In the Reference Number, specify ET2119000
In the Notes area, specify TOG WELL

This video was taken before the drought 
You are able to see the friends we are helping over in Ethiopia at Trees of Glory. 

For all updates please visit Karen's blog at http://family-from-afar.blogspot.com/

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