Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Ballerina

Our sweet little Brooke had her recital this month. I can still remember mine when I was little, one of my fondest childhood memories. There is just something so special about dressing up in a fancy tutu and dancing the night away on stage. I was worried a little about Brooke because she is a little shy and kept telling me she was nervous about getting on stage. Well, she proved me wrong, she did great... just like a pro! There was 3 dances to perform. First one of the evening was ballet which I think she did the best in ... she nailed every move and looked so happy just glowing on stage. 
 Her class that has been practicing since Christmas an hour every week... all their hard work had paid off. 
It's so fun to see your child with her friends  
 It's such a sweet group of girls 
 She is concentrating  hard on her moves 
 Kaylee is one of Brooke's good friends .. their family has adopted a little boy from Ethiopia too, they have a very special bond.  
 Next is tap she was a little bashful in this one maybe because her cousins were cheering so loud for her:) 
 I didn't capture any fun Jazz pictures they were too blurry but I wanted to show how cute their outfits were.. 
This was their last performance of the evening 
She did great! I was so proud of her as she was one of the youngest in the group. Plus there was just so much to memorize and keep up with she never once would show us any moves at home so it was a complete surprise showing all that she had learned. At the end of each performance she was the best at holding her pose until the lights went down.  I think she's a much better dancer than I was when I was little.  I depended on watching the girl's feet in front of me the whole time. I don't think I was the only one proud... she was pretty proud of herself too. 


Ashley said...

what a 'lil darlin'! Still waiting for the birth news!!! Hang in there!

Presley Harper said...

This was a lovely blog post