Saturday, June 25, 2011

Showered with Love

When I moved here over 4 1/2 years ago, when the twins were a month old, I was so worried I would never meet girlfriends with one month year old twins. I thought it would be impossible to meet people while taking care of babies all day long. I didn't know anyone coming here... the first month was really hard, but then God started to slowly pour girlfriends in my life. Not just any ordinary girlfriends, friends that loved the Lord and challenged me to be a better person. God gave me a desire to start bible studies which is pretty funny as I didn't even pray out loud very well without feeling nervous. God wanted me to lead something ... haha too funny I couldn't even pronounce half the words in the bible. But I knew if I was going to make it here then I needed to step up and gather people together and pray for God to give me the wisdom.  Within a few months we started  a couples group, these girls below were there at the start of it all. We all shared our struggles with marriage and challenges that life was bringing us. Our bond grew quickly and Scott and I had a strong foundation of great friendships starting here. What a blessing it was!  Many of the girls, almost all of them, had struggled with some kind of infertility which I know is not a mistake, we were walking the journey together.  Throughout the years every one of us... me being the last one, had a surprise miracle pregnancy after the odds were against us. Isn't God amazing?! It's funny too that at least one of us has been pregnant in the group through the 4 years.   I was pretty choked up leaving this night just in awe of all that Lord has done in just the time we have known each other. Even though we don't meet anymore, our core foundation will always be there between us all. When we get together we instantly act like we just saw one another yesterday. We are so open with each other and have shared so much.
 Neely one of my sweet friends had this small gathering at her house to celebrate little miss Sunshine.
 It was a special night sharing stories and catching up... and realizing how far we have come with Gods help.  

I'm so excited to get some fun goodies, I can't wait for Sunshine to use:) 
Thank you everyone:) 
 The hostess Neely, they have recently decided to adopt from Ethiopia but I will share her story another time. It's so exciting to have one of my best friends take the leap of faith and follow God's call. 

Now about this group of girls...I was craving a women's morning group so a few of my friends from church and I started one up. After a few attempts of meeting at my house it was just too hard for mom's to have the extra time during a week night to meet. So, I asked the church and we organized childcare to meet on Tuesday mornings. It was prefect and had about 15 girls the first season. A lot of the girls above are from our core group the first fall season. With Vanessa's help... she was my wisdom given by God (the girl in purple on the left) we lead the study together. Our group grew quickly throughout the 3 years and has now reach about 50 women that have come in and out of our group. It's been exciting to see this unfold. This past year I had to step down from organizing and passed the reins on. This group has prayed for me and been such a support. I don't think I could have clearly seen God's plan for my life without them speaking such truth to me.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of girls. I didn't really want a shower as I had felt bad for just doing something to celebrate Jonas last year but Amy (below) convinced me it would be fun Any excuse to get a few of us together, which it was. There are two girls that came that are from our new couples study now that we go to.  It was a fun night with lots of good laughs and girls talking the night away. I left that night feeling so loved!! 
Thanks Amy for such a fun night, one I can't wait to share with Sunshine ..
 It's crazy to think that I was worried that I wouldn't have any friends here. I can't imagine my life really in any other place. God knew exactly what he was doing moving us here. I am truly one lucky girl to have so many awesome girlfriends.


Ashley said...

what a beautiful group of friends you have!----I can tell you feel so very loved and blessed!....and you look radiant pregnant! Blessings upon you!

Deborah said...

You have such sweet, beautiful friends. And by the way, you already are family.

Jennifer said...

I love this post! What a great testament, and beautiful friends!

I'm so excited to see pictures your little sunshine!

The Pendrak's said...

Oh, how I MISS you girls!!!
Love how God abundantly blessed you with friendships!