Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Anchor

We decided to have Jonas share a room with baby Sunshine. We debated it as Jonas loves to talk! He wakes up during the night sometimes just talking away or crying not able to find his passy only for a few minutes but enough that it could wake up a baby. But knowing he's not at all ready for a big boy bed it was the best option. If you remember, Jonas has a HUGE whale on the wall above his crib and after some thought we decided to put an anchor above Sunshine's crib. I picked the anchor to represent the Anchor or youngest one of the family and it went with the fun ocean theme we have going on. With a help of a friend she painted it on which I think turned out cute. It was funny, on Sunday I was enjoying my last morning to lay around before church watching TV and I caught a great sermon called Our Anchor in Times of Storms. It caught my attention because of the word Anchor .. and  he said it a hundred times.. I think it was a hint from God to listen to it. It was mainly about how a ship's anchor doesn't do any good unless it's lowered. The word of God can't impact you unless you take time to read it. We all live sinful lives and need to be grounded in the word or we will drift from our devotion to the Lord. So, we should anchor ourselves in his word so our faith holds firm, just as an anchor holds firmly to a seabed. His word will act as a compass to renew our minds with strength so regardless of what storm might come your way you are able to weather it with confidence and trust because you are deeply anchored into the solid rock of Jesus. 
Hebrews 6:19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters behind the curtain in the Most Holy place in heaven. 
I had no idea the word anchor was even mention in the bible but it just gave even more meaning now to the anchor on her wall. She will be a constant reminder to stay in the word.  Jonas' whale represented so much and so does her anchor now. Isn't it ironic that from the beginning of me writing this it was a hot sunny day out and now it's thunder storming? Pretty coincidental:) funny how God works.

Yes, their room is small but I would just like to call it super cozy. Oh the fun these two are going to have growing up in the same room. We are missing her name that will go across the anchor only 1 more day until you will find out what it is. 
UPDATE: The Dr. said today that I could go any minute but I do think I'm going to make it until Friday morning at 6 am where I will check into the hospital for my induction. We will see what God has planned but I do know there is LOTS of excitement going on around this house. 


Deb said...

Wu hoo! Excited for you!

Jon y Amy said...

Yay! So excited and their room is very sweet and cozy. I love it and can't wait to hear her name!

Hope all goes well!

Deborah said...

I really like the room. I'd say it's perfectly cozy. Can't wait to see your sweet new baby.

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