Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Longest Day Ever

Today has been the LONGEST day ever! The kids and I tried to find something to do to kill our time. After two playgrounds and a quick swim this morning I still find myself looking at my watch thinking today is going sooo slow:) We are ALL excited about tomorrow... it's the big day that God brings another little girl into this world. What picture would fit today's embrace the camera better than one of me and just the PB&J gang. 
 Poor Lucky our dog as he knows something is up and has been acting strange all week. He knows he's moving down the totem pole one more notch. He's going to have one more child to protect and more food to clean up off the floor... maybe he's resting up for his big responsibilities.  
One last picture before Scott ran into work this morning. I promise I won't be posting again without new pictures of Sunshine. 
Wish us luck and I'll be back soon:) 
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Tara said...

Wow! Good luck and Congratulations a day early!

Jennifer said...

So excited for you guys! Can't wait to hear details.