Sunday, April 17, 2011

Haben's Home!

It was an exciting day yesterday... our neighborhood friends have brought home their precious little Ethiopian boy! 
Haben is PERFECT! Lots of family and friends showed up to welcome them home. 
It was an exciting moment we had all been waiting for. 
It's crazy how God works, almost 3 years ago they had talked to us about their desire to always want to adopt. I remember thinking to myself "that's cool..but not for me." It was really the first time I had ever heard of anyone wanting to adopt... they really planted a seed with me. 

Fast forward about a month after we brought Jonas home... They had really seriously been contemplating adoption now so they wanted to meet up for dinner to hear all about our experience. We had an awesome dinner and I think helped answer most of their questions because shortly there after they were on board and ready to move forward. It was so exciting! Through this last year it's been a journey but God had the perfect child made for their family. 

Everyone is awaiting his arrival... aren't the matching shirts the cutest:)
Haben's cousin, Brother and Sisters 

Welcome home banners! 
Everyone felt the excitement as they turned the corner 

Hugs for the whole family!! 

This is our Ethiopian girls group!  

Minus one because Jenny just had a baby and her 3 Ethiopian girls came home on the very same day. Yes, God gave her 4 children in one day, crazy! We have been meeting once a month for dinners to talk adoption ... it's such a blessing to have these girls to share our journeys with... you might remember Emily (on far left) that brought home Elsa three weeks ago (she's standing next to her) and Jessica far right is about to bring home her oldest girl hopefully next month. 

Welcome home sweet Haben! 

I just can't wait to watch you grow and to see how you and Jonas will share in such a special bond!  You are truly a gift and a blessing! You have made your family's dreams come true. We love you sweet little one! 


Deb said...

I bawl every. single. time. I watch videos like that. Oh brother! ;) Thanks for sharing. SO cool you have that community of girlfriends/families.

emily anderson said...

such a fun time!