Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The D.D.D. 2011

That's right the annual Daddy Daughter Dance 2011.
 Brooke has been talking about this night for an entire year. 
She picked out her dress, she really like this one because it included a headband to match.
 She kept it a surprise from Daddy in her closet until the big event.
We curled her hair and yes I put some blush and mascara on her eyes .. 
don't judge me but she can dress up for daddy all she's only once a year.
  But I did think "boy do her blue eyes pop with just
 a little makeup"
Oh no, we are going to have one knockout when she's older and of course we are never going to allow her to wear makeup until she's 25:)  
Scott gave her flowers which she was blushing when he handed them to her. 
Of course our detailed little girl noticed right away they matched her dress and thought that was so cool. 
How cute is Parker running out to give her a hug goodbye. 
We were off to have a mommy and son night.. 1st stop was the toy store .. it's the one time of year I let Parker pick out an inexpensive toy.. since Brooke gets a night out and new dress... only seems fair, right? Parker was so cute that he wanted to pick out something this year that he and Jonas could play with. 
After an hour of looking down every boy isle he picked a hot wheels toy.  
There was face painting and cotton candy
What better way to wear off the sugar high then dancing the night away. 
Brooke has some of mommy's classic moves. 
#1 rule to good dancing is always start off with no shoes.. 
arms up in the air..means you're really feeling the music and you don't know what else to do with your arms.. I usually add a snap of my fingers.
We'll see if I can teach her that for next year.  
Jumping up and down means it's the fast part to the song  
Lifting up the dress and jumping is you're going crazy and 
you don't care what anyone else is thinking 
Again move the arms.. with some deep concentration 
At last don't forget to check your makeup in between songs.
This year she did slow dance with daddy and they now have "their song" 
It came on in the car with Daddy and instantly she started blushing.. so sweet and when I hear the words I started to tear up ... just precious.. listen for yourself...    
had to take it off it wouldn't stop playing ...cinderella by steven chapman   
Again another memorable year! 

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Sarah B said...

what a great memory for her!!

Unknown said...

oh man, that song makes me cry. That is a precious memory for your daughter, one that I'm sure she will cherish forever. Loved the pictures, her dress is adorable!

Unknown said...

What a great post!! Too precious!!! Completely made my morning =)

Charmaine Poulin said...

What a wonderful post!!!! These photos will be remembered forever in your family!!!!

Joy said...

what a sweet memory! I know you are so glad you have these pictures. so precious!

Deborah said...


The Pendrak's said...

SO cute!! What a great daddy/daughter date for both of them :)

Mommy Girl said...

priceless - what else can I say?

MJ said...

Such cute pictures and great commentary. :)

Amber said...

awww, that is so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like they had a wonderful time together. there is nothing like a daddy-daughter bond!

Moments and Impressions said...

I love this! My daddy took mem on my first date... dinner and a movie.... but a dance - how fun!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Beautiful post! Awesome pics!!! SO sweet!!! Can't wait for Maggie and her Daddy and their first Daddy daughter dance.

sarah grace said...

i fully agree with your rules of dancing! so cute!

Elle J said...

And just wait for the tears to fall when you play their special song at her wedding reception when daddy dances with the bride! =)