Sunday, March 6, 2011


I come to you in this nice and silent moment thinking and pondering "how can I get it all done?" Silence is something that I rarely find time to have between juggling life there is very little time to have peace and quiet. Oh how I have missed this time to think to myself without the interruptions. I've been trying to carry all the burdens with all my own strength which I should have learned by now... it just doesn't work. I fall short putting my security in temporary things and people. I put my confidence in how my marriage is doing or how my children are behaving or the never ending to-do lists that somehow gives me a feeling of self worth. My COMPLETE confidence should be in the only one that is truly trustworthy ..GOD .. he's the only one that can care for me, my mind, my heart, and my soul. He can truly fulfill all my needs and gives me the foundation of a rock because all else will fail me. 
 I come to you truly transparent as a human that falls short everyday.. I have been spinning in the circles of the rat race to get it all done while loosing sight of the things and priorities that really matter... #1 God #2 Husband #3 Children #4 Extended family. It really always comes back to Trust and Control .. the more I lose the control the more I depend on trusting God. Am I or are you really trusting God more than any human being or chore that has to get done? When we allow God as our Shepard to guide us, we have contentment. The bottom line is the more time we spend with God the clearer we can see. I have once again gotten off the path but am so thankful that God offers me the grace to get back on. He has placed in my heart the desire to crave time with him and for this I'm eternally grateful.  He gives us the freedom to choose him and this week again I step up to the challenge of spending time with him without the easy distractions to get in my way. I'm hoping to do it a little better than the last, learning a little more while transforming my heart body and soul. I'm asking you what circumstances are you in right now in which you are trusting your own abilities more than God's? Join with me in finding the silence we all so desperately need to spend with God for he is the one and only that can give us TRUE peace and quiet. 
Just as I finished the last typed word .. the garage door opened and the noise has risen again (everyone returns home from a night out to dinner without me) God's perfect timing shows up again.  


emily anderson said...

thanks heidi...i REALLY needed to hear (or read) this today.


JJ said...

Thank you for this reminder Heidi. As I am dreading yet another 2 week stretch without Daddy (thanks to his duty weekend-he can't come home) and having to solo parent 5 kids, I stress out wondering how I am going to do this AGAIN on my own. I needed that reminder that I am NOT going to do this on my own. God is there for me, I just need to go to Him and rely on Him. I need to set aside time, even if it means locking myself in the bathroom to find some quiet time. =) This post came at the PERFECT time.