Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st Christmas with us

Jonas these days has been bursting out his little personality even more. I think you can tell what a ham he is.. he cracks us up and even better he cracks himself up. Christmas was so fun .. he could have cared less about his toys as all he wanted to do was play. He loves the attention from everyone and would much rather play with people than toys.
His big present this year was an automatic Cars ride on. Which we didn't have charged and had to wait until the next day to try out. When we did he's a mad man on it... he has no fear. He gets this huge toothy grin and laughs as he takes off.. it's too funny to watch . I will try to capture a video but he's just so fast. Really the biggest present for Jonas is that he's going to be a big brother and he's going to love to have another little playmate to share life with. It was truly one Christmas I know we all will remember.. Soooo blessed you're with us Jonas, you bring us an amazing amount of Joy, Laughter and Love!

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Deb said...

Too cute for words!