Tuesday, January 25, 2011

17 weeks

I'm officially 17 weeks preggers .. here's my first actual belly picture. I finally feel like I'm getting out of that awkward chubby stomach phase:) I do have to tell you that I'm one of those women that loves being pregnant just about every part of it. Last Monday night, I was reading the kids a book when all of a sudden I felt the baby.. I said oh wow and grabbed Brooke and Parker and told them I felt flutters and Parker with his most excited voice  said "is it a butterfly in there?"  Brooke and I died laughing. Then they wanted to know if that meant the baby was coming and I said no we have many months until then. Then a few days later, on the 22nd I was lying on the couch reading while the kids were napping when I felt the flutters like crazy on my left side then I push my hand into my side and all of a sudden there was a strong kick back. my heart sank .. yea! I did it over and over about 5 times she kicked right back at me. I just don't think there is any better thing in pregnancy than feeling your baby move. It's absoultly amazing! 


JJ said...

So adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling my baby kick when I am pregnant. I could just sit there all day long with my hands on my belly. The kids would always get SO excited and run over and wait for Mehret to kick. Mehret is 4.5 months old now and she is the center of all of the kids' worlds. It's amazing how our baby surprise has just blessed us beyond measure. Congratulations again!

Carissa said...

Beautiful, Heidi. So excited for all of you! To feel a baby kick is like nothing else!