Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little bit of Sunshine

Sunshine is the nickname of our sweet little baby. Where she got this name you might wonder? It was just a few weeks after finding out we were pregnant and we were all laying around doing our normal Saturday morning family cuddle in bed. We were talking about names for the baby and Parker had some good ones like truck, dirt, and my favorite turban but then Brooke had said SUNSHINE! We threw out a few other names and she kept saying "sunshine, sunshine" which honestly I think is pretty cute. Once we found out it was a girl I told Brooke her nickname can be sunshine until we decide on her forever name. We have no clue as of now what her name will be as we really only had a few boy names we liked.  So until we figure it out... her name is Sunshine. Plus we probably won't share her forever name until she's born as we love to keep it a surprise. 

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The Pendrak's said...

So sweet!! We had a harder time deciding on a name this time too--but know that God will lead you to the perfect name for your little Sunshine in His time :)