Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Jonas!

It was a fun day to celebrate our little blessing! We have a few family traditions that we have started .. one is first thing in the morning we walk into their room with the video camera and sing happy birthday to start their special day. Well today that didn't happen as the monitor was turned off in our room (the one we use to hear when Jonas wakes up) probably by some little munchkin, so we wound up sleeping until 8am (WOW, that never happens). The twins came in our room saying "Jonas is crying" :( ahh poor guy, not exactly how I wanted him to start his day. Another tradition is we go to our favorite breakfast restaurant and the kids get chocolate chip pancakes and whip cream .. they love it. Here's a picture on our way to breakfast...Jonas is in his new car seat (Parker's old one) facing forward .. he can now see the world around him and he loves all the action. Also the twins got new boaster seats and are very proud .. they have told everyone!
Yummy chocolate chip pancakes
Look at his cute shirt his Mimi made him! On the way back from church Jonas passed out in the car ride home while drinking his bottle.. He was worn out from going to later church with no morning nap.. poor guy.
Brooke and I made some banana monkey cupcakes.. she just loves to cook with me.
It's time to open a few gifts .. he liked to ripe off the tags and eat the paper:)
Time to eat dinner, I made Shepards pie as he loves it. We only had a few family members... Scott's parents & grandmother and my mom. He still gets overwhelmed with big crowds so we just kept it small.
We sang happy birthday to our big boy.. he's not so sure but Brooke is right there to comfort him.
Saying Mmmmm.. I think he likes it
He wants to share with Lucky dog
After dinner we went on a nice walk as a family and enjoyed the nice truly was a gorgeous night. As, I put Jonas to bed tonight .. I said to God "thank you for this precious little boy, thank you for bringing him into this world to be a part of our family!" Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! Corinthians 9:15
Happy birthday Sweet Boy! We love you so much!


Jon y Amy said...

Happy Birthday Jonas!

I was just telling Jon the other day that Jonas was going to have a b-day soon as I know he is about 2 months ahead of the girls.

So precious Heidi, looks like he is adjusting so well. Our girls still strongly dislike big groups as well. I guess they do okay if Jon or I have them and no one pays attention to them! :)

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Jonas!

What a special day!

Unknown said...

Could he be any more precious?

Jessica said...

So super cute!! We just love him. Happy Birthday big one year old!!

Unknown said...

What a day to celebrate!!! ♥ LOVE ♥ all of the pictures - what a BEAUTIFUL family!! He has got the CUTEST dimples ever! :)

♪♫ Happy Birthday Jonas! ♪♫

JJ said...

Happy Birthday handsome boy! I will never forget your giggles and dimples when we met you in Mekele. I can't believe you are 1 already.