Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Special Day

Yesterday was a very special day for our family... we finalized our adoption of Jonas. Just so you know: The term "readoption" refers to the process by which the Florida court recognizes the intercountry adoptions proceedings and issues a Final Judgment of Adoption. The purpose of the readoption is to ensure that your adopted child is entitled to all of the rights he or she should have under U.S. and state law thus validating the intercountry adoptions.
We arrived at the courthouse bright and early at 8am. We made it through the long lines of security just a few minutes late :). where we found our friends also waiting. Everyone had their red, white and blue outfits on.
We were trying to keep the kids entertained until they called us inside the courtroom.
Mimi, Pops, Gigi and cousins joined us to witness Jonas' big day.
Finally after an hour we were lead into the courtroom... with 10 children it was a little busy trying to have everyone pile in. Our friends went first, the picture below is them swearing in under oath. They asked a series of easy questions and the final question was "are you wanting your children to become naturally ours?" Choked me up.. to hear "naturally" melted my heart.
Scott and I went next and of course Jonas was a ham in front of the judge. He got the whole court room laughing with his laugh and he kept doing it to get everyone's reaction... too cute. Scott and I got a little emotional thinking how special this little guys is and telling the judge about it. Again they asked us if we are wanting him to become naturally ours. OH YES!
One of my prayer request to my girls bible study last year was that Jessica and I could travel together which wasn't possible but I do think today he answered my prayer by letting us finish this journey together. It was such a special treat to share such a memorble moment with them. We think of them as part of our family and just so blessed to have had them to walk this journey with.


Deborah said...

Happy Readoption Day. Your pictures are so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful day! I can't imagine the emotion you felt. Reading stories like this makes me so excited that we will be able to experience this one day. Congratulations!!

Amy said...

Congrats! What a wonderful day!!!