Thursday, August 19, 2010

11 months old Today!

Our Sweet Jonas turns 11 months old today and has now been home with us for 4 months. His personality has blossomed even more .. I think he's one smart cookie and loves to talk. His favorite word is still Dada and says it about a hundred times a day:) Other words now include Dana (aunt), bubba for Parker, br for brooke, dg for doggie, b for ball, and occasionally you can caught him saying Mama. He has really slowed down on the eating department as he just doesn't seem interested... but might be because of the two little bottom teeth that showed up last week. The only food he has been loving is any carbs ..goldfish crackers, cheerios and bread. I think with attaching it's going well as he hates when I leave the room and does a nice piercing scream to get me to come back. Plus, as soon as someone holds him he looks to me for approval. They are all great signs!

He has shown a temper when he gets frustrated .. I think because he wants to communicate so badly... it seems to happen when he's wanting something and I'm not sure what it is. He is crawling very fast as he was chasing Parker tonight around the kitchen. He pulls up on any piece of furniture he can gets his hands on plus when he's distracted he will let go with something in his hand not realizing he's standing on his own. I really don't think it's going to be long before he's walking all over the place.

The last week or so he has started some new dance moves with a bounce while swaying his head back n forth... too funny. He's definitely got more soul and rhythm than any of us as he's on beat every time. He sleeps GREAT and on occasion I have to go in to put in his passie. One of my favorite things Jonas does is his kisses... he wants to kiss you all day long ... just so sweet they sometimes just come out of no where.... ahhh

Jonas Scott is the cutest little blessing ever and I just can't imagine my life without him! I truly look into his eyes as my own biological child... it's crazy that I ever worried about loving him as much as my other two! He's stole my heart for sure! I treasure the moments I get to spend one on one time with him as he just loves the undivided attention. Which is about to become more as Brooke and Parker head back to school next week. Happy 11 Month Birthday Jonas! I can't wait to see you with your smash cake on your 1st birthday I'm pretty sure your going to love it.
He was trying to eat the grass but I don't think he likes it..
Look at those eyelashes
I know picture overload but he's just so cute and I'm one proud mama:)


Jon y Amy said...

So, So Sweet! I want to give that boy some major squeezes! Glad to hear that attachment is going well!


Anonymous said...

he is such a beautiful those dimples!!