Friday, July 2, 2010

S Stands for...

As a past kindergarten teacher, I have it in my blood to teach. I love it! I couldn't wait to have children so I could teach them everything they need to know in this world. Little did I realize that teaching your own children is a different story. Your tricks of the trade don't seem to work. They are both like "whatever mom". Neither of them LOVE crafts... not like I did as a kid. But this summer I have been able to pull off a few fun things.
B&P are finally at a good age to have the attention span to finish a project. Our sunflowers are one example and I think they came out pretty cute.
While the kids painted their paper plate yellow, Jonas was working on his gymnastic moves.
He is one very flexible and determined little boy. He has hit the reaching and grabbing anything he can get his hands on stage.
Here is our finished flower. Here are the instructions you need: one paper plate, black construction paper to hole punch the black seeds, and green construction paper for the stem... just simple. Parker had taken off after finishing to play cars and trains before I could get a picture of him.
After our art project we fixed a fun yummy treat to go along with our theme.
Here is the recipe
1 large rice cake , peanut butter, banana, sunflower seeds, Licorice.
Spread the peanut butter on a rice cake. Cut bananas in circles and arrange the circles around the edge of the rice cake. Sprinkle sunflower seeds in the center. Finally add licorice(Green, I couldn't find)to make a stem and leaves.
The kids loved this treat and were really proud they were able to make it .. that always helps them finish their food when they help make it :)


The Wagner Family said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. How awesome that you've met the kids. We can't wait to meet them ourselves. I can't get the paperwork done fast enough!

You're children are beautiful! We'll definitely all get together one day.

Kelsey said...

I am going to do this activity with some of my kids who like crafts. It is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing :)