Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prayer Request

Last week our Pastor at our church shared about his niece AVA. All of his Brother's family attend our church. I just can't stop thinking and praying for them. Our hearts have been broken for this precious child of God's.. please join us in praying for her! The power of prayer can make a miracle happen
You can also follow Her dad's blog for updates http://joshuajoelhunter.blogspot.com


Posted by Isaac Hunter

My niece has brain cancer. 72 hours ago, she was playing and laughing… Since then, she was taken to the hospital after having bad headaches, and they found a tangerine sized tumor on her brain. They scheduled surgery and removed most of the tumor. They determined it was malignant. That is what we know right now.

Many of you are aware of this already and have been praying for her. We are very grateful for your prayers and ask that you continue them for the duration.

In order of chronology, here is what is and is coming in the near future, should everything remain as is.

1. Ava must recover well from major surgery. The next 24 hours are critical in terms of recovery. Treatment (of any kind) for whatever remains of the cancer cannot begin until she is healthy enough to endure it.
2. The detailed pathology report will be rendered in the next 4 or 5 days. The grade and nature of the tumor should then be known… and the enemy to fight will be clearer.
3. They will then have to decide on a treatment plan.

Please pray:

1. That God would heal Ava quickly and completely.
2. That Josh, Lisa, Ava and Noah would have a palpable sense of peace and God’s presence and strength.
3. That Josh and Lisa would have wisdom about every decision they need to make in the next few days.

Someone asked at the hospital yesterday if all this “had shaken my faith?” In short, my answer was and is “No. “

Worlds fall apart. Anyone who isn’t aware of that hasn’t lived very long or paid much attention. I don’t understand this… but if my faith were contingent only on the breadth of my comprehension I would have little faith (if any) and none to speak of… Either the Jesus of our faith is bigger than our understanding, or He’s not Jesus.

However, not knowing everything doesn’t mean not knowing anything.

Here is what I know I believe: God loves Ava more than the rest of us could combined, God loves Josh and Lisa and Noah, God can heal her immediately, and He promises to heal her ultimately. I believe “our God is an ever present help in our times of trouble.” And, when hell itself seems to have burst open and been poured out… I still believe all of this.

Josh and Lisa have been nothing short of heroic every step of the way. I am amazed at their faithfulness and faith. I’m privileged to see what “every virtue at its sticking point” looks like up close—they are amazing. Ava is a fighter… but she does not fight alone.

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