Friday, July 23, 2010

Another First

Besides Jonas learning how to crawl this week, Parker tried his 1st Oreo Cookie. At dinner the other night I told the kids they could have a treat when they finished their food. At the end of the meal Parker had stuffed his mouth with chicken which he chewed on for a good 10 minutes until I let him spit it out. I'm such a sucker and let him still have his first Oreo Cookie. I hope you enjoy their conversation about... Oat?


Aunt Susan said...

you need to send this to the Oreo company -they will probably pay you millions for this video-that's what it is worth...actually, it's priceless! so precious!

Alex Griffith said...

gosh that was the cutest thing! it made me laaugh and brightened my day so thanks to your son! i really needed a smile

ps this is allee's friend alex...i came and visited allee this past year