Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bath Time Before & After

This is a picture of us giving Jonas a bath in Ethiopia. I don't think he liked it! Poor little guy... he didn't understand what we were doing to him.
This is Jonas after getting home and taking a sink bath .. my favorite way to do it. Right after he gets all messy after dinner we just put him in the sink .. yes it does make a little mess as he LOVES splashing the water everywhere, but worth it to see his priceless smile:) Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!
The twins enjoy taking a bath with him too.

Bath time is a fun time at our house as all the kids really love to play in the water.
Ahh and his laugh just gets me every time. It's just impossible when Jonas laughs I have to laugh... it's like he's just touches my funny bone.
Plus we have one funny daddy to bring us some funny giggles.


Jon y Amy said...

So cute! It made me miss his shrieks and giggles. (And Scott saying, "Yooohaaaaannessss")

Adia watched it with me. She was very intrigued.
J, A, j & a

Aunt Susan said...

Scott-can I hire you to do the entertainment at Summer's next birthday? You are as funny as Jonas laughing!!!

Carissa said...

That made me laugh! Love the smiles and giggles... And potstickers are a hit with one of our kids too!

Aunt susan said...

ok, whats a potsticker-you young people have got to keep me up to date!