Thursday, April 1, 2010

I wish someone was playing Apirl Fools

It sure does feel like April fools for the past few weeks around here. None of the picture do these things justice... or show the frustrating emotions that come along with it. 1st accident was the garage door came down as our trash can was outside the line a little bit and the door hit it and jammed up. We were heading out of town and our garage door would not shut now! Luckily, Scott was able to rig it where it would finally shut.

Next a big wind/rain storm came through and ripped our NEW grill cover.

During a different storm a few days later our nice umbrella blew away down the street and the trash man threw it away.
Our next incident was from a pre-existing bumper issue from my car that we never had fixed. I was coming back from my sister's and the protective pan under the car decides to fall off and drag against the ground in a HUGE storm. It was pulling my car so badly I couldn't drive it home. I was about an hour a way with my kids and my husband had to pick us up.

He got under the car and duck taped it to be able to drive it home. We took it to the repair people and we're finally forking out the $1500 to fix it all. I couldn't get a good picture but you can see the classy duck tape.
While that was happening I dropped my cell phone for the hundredth time.. it now has some major issues and I need to get a new one. Plus my husbands car window on the driver side goes down and stays down.. it gets stuck. The other night I had to drive it home will the full window down in the cold. REALLY? You ask me .. YES really this has all happened oh but there is more...

Then this is the icing on the cake last night. My husband heard a loud bang went down stairs to find this mess. A shelf in our office was riped out of the wall and everything went flying. He came to bed and told me not to worry. Of course what did I do ..worry. I couldn't go back to sleep thinking we are under attack. I told Scott and he agreed but we are thankful that we see it and can now laugh it off and not get us down for what is about to come.

No Broken car, garage, car window or cell phone, no ripped grill cover, no shelf falling, no big mess to clean up can get us from getting to you baby JONAS! We need all your prayers right now .. prayers of protection.

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Anonymous said...

Phyllis and I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. Celebrating the Resurrection with worship yesterday, reminds me that new life in your circumstance is also to be celebrated. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!
Gerry and Phyllis De Jong