Monday, March 22, 2010

The Puzzle has been solved ...

We have booked our flights! Ethiopia ready or not here we come! It sure has been a mess to figure out. We have 3 weeks until we leave... whoo hoo! We have completed all our vaccines, got meds to take with us and booked flights so far. Not bad.. right? We got new pictures of Jonas on Friday from a travel group. He has gotten so big! It's hard to see pictures when he's grown so much. But seeing glimpses of him keep me going. We saw for the 1st time a birthmark next to his left eye. My grandmother use to say those were angel kisses. ahh.. Brooke and Parker are just so excited about their baby brother coming home. We got a calendar so we can count the days left.
We had a full weekend! Here are a few pictures to share with ya. ..

We do a magic rock jar for being kind.. every time I catch them doing something nice they receive a magic rock. When the jar is full we get to do something fun as a family. This time we went to the movies. It was fun .. I think Parker is going to be our movie guy .. he belly laughs at the funny parts and it cracks me up.

Parker was scared of the loud noise in the entrance of upcoming movies .. Brooke was comforting him
Brooke is one strong little girl determined to do anything including riding a motorcycle double her size
We went to an arts festival.. they got new sunglasses for the 1st day of Spring
Goofy Parker

They are showing their artistic ability at the arts festival
One of Brooke's closest friends at school had a birthday party.
When they saw each other they ran to give hugs.. ahhh..

It was a busy weekend as usual but I do stop and take in all the blessings around me. God has really showered me with gifts. Never forget to cherish the moments even in the fast pace of life. Time is just too precious. I'm enjoying this time in preparations of what is to come.

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Weaver said...

Congratulations Heidi and Scott!!!
Your family is beautiful!!!!
God is Good!!!