Monday, March 1, 2010

THE Garage Sale

Last weekend was our garage sale. We thought this would be a great way to raise money to help with our flights. It is excepted to cost us around 1800 a ticket. I think our goal was to hit around 1000. We had MANY amazing friends donated all kinds of items to sell. Our plan was to have it just Saturday and a little Sunday well plans changed. Friday, we were setting up and organizing all the items so we decided to put signs up while we were getting ready. It was a gorgeous day! People slowly came throughout the day until 5.. we made $70o.. can you believe that?! Then Saturday morning came full of heavy clouds in the sky. We got there around 6:30am after an hour or so setting up it began to rain .. yucky rain all over the stuff .. we threw stuff everywhere we could find a place in the garage all the organizing went out the window. People still came .. LOTS of them .. we were all cramped in a garage wet and very cold .. I had no idea people would still come! We made it that day until 1pm and guess what we made.. in the rain .. 700 CRAZY! I couldn't believe it. God had really shown up and exceeded our expectations! Sunday was the last day it was beautiful finally Brooke and Parker were able to set up a Hot Chocolate stand (see below). Our goal this day was to blow it out. To get rid of it all.. We did just that!

Scott and I with his Grandmother ..isn't she the cutest thing ever she's almost 90 years old.

Pa and Parker having fun on a kids bike we were selling
At Preston and Kim's house busy selling all the items, Thanks so much for hosting it!!
The archers of the group

Enjoying the beautiful day
I think Brooke could be a good sales women :)
Brooke busy at work and Parker found a train set we were selling .. he played on it ALL day...ended up keeping it:)
After seeing the picture above.. Parker went and got a haircut and came back with a popsicle that we shared with Brooke .. so sweet!
I caught Allee (below) sleeping .. Pops quickly followed until someone wanted to buy the rugs.
I couldn't have done it without these two ladies below! THANK YOU!
We sold until 5pm and sold so much to come to a Grand total of $2700!! CRAZY!! I don't want to ever hear anyone say they can't adopted because of money. Because God is bigger than we can ever imagine. This went beyond our expectations to reach just 1000... little faith did I have. So many people helped by giving there things, by showing up to buy and by helping me setup and sell and most of all by praying. THANK YOU, THANK YOU dear friends for digging and searching for things for us to sell. It means so much to be supported by some really wonderful friends and family! We could have never been able to do this without you all! God totally takes all the details and works them out. We should never doubt how big he is .. I just love to see him show up in Huge ways like this! If your hearts desire is to have a child through adopion it can and will be done! Just have faith that he is bigger than our desires and he wants so badly to give you the desires of your heart.


Amy said...

That is wonderful! Loved the pics

Jana said...

God was with you all right! Because when I had my yard sale last year I ended up maxing out at $100:(
I'm thrilled for yall's success...bring that sweet baby boy home!

Carissa said...

Wow, that is AMAZING! Looks like you had fun too!