Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Time Update

Our Holidays were full of fun and very busy.. today is my first chance to catch you up on what we have been up too. I hope your season was as enjoyable as ours.
Dec. 10th Christmas Girls night
The girls broke loose from our busy lives to spend sometime catching up. There is nothing better than a night out with the girls. We exchanged white elephants had some good laughs, yummy food, a little or a lot of wine and one grumpy waitress. In the middle of the evening I stopped to look around and felt a warmth come over my heart, I'm so blessed to have so many great girlfriends.

Dec 17th We had our super club come over for a small Christmas party. Usually we all dress up so Scott and I surprised them on the front porch. I couldn't believe how good Scott looked in a Santa outfit he really could pull it off. Brooke and Parker were pretty funny .. Parker knew right away that it was him, Brooke on the other hand was scared and not sure what to think. She stayed far away and never kept her eye off of him.

It was another fun night of food, fun and gifts.
And we were worried when we moved here we wouldn't have any friends. God took care of us and gave us some amazing friendships that will last a lifetime!

Dec. 18th Princess and The Frog Movie
It was the first time that Brooke and Parker took friends to the movies. They were so excited, especially the girls they dressed up as a princess. If you haven't seen the movie yet it's a good one the kids loved it. Don't the girls just look so cute .. it melts a mom's heart to see your child love their friends:)

Dec. 20th We went to UCF Lights up with our friends and cousin Kelsey.

Our wonderful sweet cousin Kelsey was able to stay with us for a few days before Christmas. It was such a great treat to have her around and the kids had a blast with her!

Can you believe there is snow sledding here in FLA and an outdoor ice skating rink?

The Armstrong gang all snugged in our winter gear

The carousel was a hit

Potty break in Barnes n Nobles

Again on the carousel, Brooke and our friend Kendal

Piggy back is so fun!

All our friends met us Riley, Kendal, Brooke and Parker
It was a fun and chilly night to put us in the mood for Christmas!
Stay tuned for more to come ..

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Amy said...

Great pictures. So glad you had a Merry Christmas.