Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Plan

This is the homestretch of 2009, with only a few weeks left I have been spending some time reflecting. It sure has been an amazing year, from where we were last year we have been through another transformation. This time last year we were starting the in vitro process to now waiting for a referral from Ethiopia. God is just so Good! God had a different plan for us just like He had a different plan for Mary and Joseph. Their plan was interrupted by the virgin Mary getting pregnant. They had no idea what was going to happen to them. To their shock, what do you think they felt? This plan for Mary and Joseph didn't look normal, they would look different, people would talk and spread rumors. I look at Mary and Joseph as a inspiration to us. They were willing to except the path and open themselves up to let God come to do His good works. Can you imagine if they didn't take the path God choose for them? Even though it can be scary to walk in total faithfulness, it should be our priority to take a leap to do the next right thing. Joseph was committed more to God than his own plan. He was willing to take a leap and support Mary and to adopt and love Jesus as his own.

As I do have normal fears that come over me, I know we are walking a path of faithfulness. Through this last year we have grown stronger in our faith and love. I just feel so blessed... this plan is nothing I imagined... it's even better then I dreamed. I'm so thankful we were willing to open our hearts and minds to where God is leading us. The details can overwhelm all of us if we let them. Let go and hand over your control to the Lord. This season has a lot going on, let's not get caught up in our own plan. Be open and let God interrupted your life... you will be surprised with what he has in store for you.

Here is a few pictures we took at Downtown Disney


Jana said...

Hey Heidi,
I was looking at your friend's blog list and recognized you have Chandler Mikkelson on there. I went to college with her and she was a sorority sister at Alpha Chi. What a small world!

the crazy armstrongs said...

No way that is CRAZY she's my neighbor I live right down the street from her .. can't believe that!