Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's begining to look alot like Christmas

Christmas season this year has been so much fun so far. Brooke and Parker are 3 years old and they really understand now what Christmas is all about. You ask them who's birthday it is and they say Jesus. We told them that three wise men came and gave three gifts, so we are doing the same thing only three gifts each is our new tradition we are starting this year. We got a tree from Target our favorite place to get one, then got home and got the loads of boxes of decorations out from the garage. The kids really enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree. Brooke would grasp at every one that had glitter and shined. She really liked the angel one you see in the picture. Parker got stuck on putting the airplane ornament up... he was easily distracted.
Isn't Parker's Charlie Brown shirt pretty funny? I didn't even realize that until I went back and look at the pictures was prefect for the occasion.

Scott put the star on top of the tree and the house is officially decorated for Christmas. I love all the lights at melts my heart every time I look at the tree while watching TV. I just stop for a moment in pure warmth with God's presence all around me and thank him for my blessings. Oh boy, do I love this season and I love what it means.

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Amy said...

very cute pictures :)