Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trying to be crafty

So, of course .... it seems natural that if you are adopting from Africa you have to make some t-shirts. Everyone else has done one so I thought we would try. My crafty sister was in town for Thanksgiving. We headed to the local fabric store and found designs. After cutting it out and pinning it we were lost on what to do. We tried our best at sewing that was harder than I thought. I had made Brooke some dresses but how do you get the sewing machine around the shirt not so easy. The shirt I have on was done by mistake we had the foot up on the machine and it made this great big stitch which didn't look so bad until my sister sewed the front and back together. haha But don't worry we unstitched it. The shirt only has a few holes but hey that give it character right? My mother in law sewed the rest of them for us and did a much better job:)
The purple shirt is for Brooke it matches mine. We did a few other patterns and I think they turned out cute. I wish I could sell them but I think I need some more practice sewing first.


Jessica said...

Very cute!

Andrea Young said...

I think they are way cute!

Aunt Susan said...

I LOVE IT! I want one--PLEEEEEZ!