Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

The king and his princess

Our friends came over to trick or treat together

Our sweet Mimi

these are a great neighbors across the street from us.

We had a great night with our friends .. .. the only bad part was Parker got sick .. he had a fever and went right back to bed after his nap. It was a hot Halloween in the 90's with lots of mosquitoes....weird for Oct. Our neighborhood was packed with lots of kids. We gather at our house to have taco soup and lots of cupcakes. I dressed up like a queen, Brooke was our princess (sleeping beauty) and Scott was a king. It wasn't the same without our knight Parker. I just got back from the doctor he had a 104 temp and a very swollen throat. Poor guy! Hopefully we can take some pictures when he's feeling better and do a little pretend trick or treating for him.
We just got back from the doctor and got Parker a vanilla milkshake from McDonald's.. the Dr. did say he could have anything he wanted to make sure he was keeping hydrated.. he's lying in our pull out couch in our playroom watching movies..just so sad.


Jana said...

Poor Parker! I hope he feels better very very soon.

Anonymous said...

I remember as a child getting sick on Halloween all the time! My big brothers would take a grocery bag that my mom would decorate and it would say "for my sick sister"! :o) I hope he feels better soon!

aunt susan said...

that is one very sad face.....awwww.