Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooke and Parker! Thursday Part 1

I just can't believe the twins are 3 years old! Wow .. after the 1st year time really speeds up. We had a long weekend of fun. It all started with Preston (Pa) and Kim coming over on Thursday night with a little Chili's and gifts.

No Parker did not get wine for his birthday haha .. just the box :) Parker got a cool Knight helmet, knife and shield! Perfect as he's going to be a knight for Halloween. Also, he got a Thomas the train art set. Anything Thomas the train will make him happy!
Brooke got a fun cash register and a beautiful Cinderella costume
It's only Thursday night a party on Saturday.. then their actually birthday on Monday. It's a full weekend. Thanks Pa and Kim for the great gifts! We love them and so thankful to have you here to give them to us in person!

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