Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Special Pancake Breakfast

This old Spanish sugar mill has been turned into one of the BEST places for pancakes. It is nestled in a state park about 30mins from Orlando. It was a fun adventure .. we picked up my mom, Mimi and Gigi. It sits near beautiful cold natural springs where the kids had a chance to get in.. the water was COLD.

So, one of the great things about this restaurant is that you make your own pancakes in front of you. You can pick from choices of different toppings and they bring you a pitcher of badder .. a then away you go making your own patch of pancake. By the way one of the reason we did this is because Parker LOVES pancakes.. he can't get enough you ask him what he wants for dinner or lunch every time he will say pancakes. This place was perfect for him. The only thing I would do differently is not go on a Saturday it was packed... the wait time was 2hours but the food was worth the wait.

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