Saturday, April 12, 2008

Growing Up-18 months

Brooke and Parker are now 18 months and funnier than ever!They are so cute I just want to love on them all day long. They found daddy's shirt after he got home from work.. a little big but excited to be like dada! It's hard to think someday they will be wearing it! Parker has four teeth coming in at the top finally he has only had four teeth total. Now he can really start enjoying apples as they are so hard for him to eat. Brooke has a waddle walk that fits her sassy personality perfectly. She's really into dancing to any music she hears. Her words are really starting to come out as she really tries to say anything you tell her even though you can't understand them well. Parker pronounces his words perfect and has a few words down really well. It's crazy how they are just so different. Brooke still loves to tackle and hug Parker all the time. Parker is just so into his toys he doesn't have time for the mushy stuff unless it's mama. Every stage is a different challenge and just when you think you love a stage then you love the next one even more!

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Anonymous said...

wow they are so big! i can't wait to see you guys soon.