Friday, April 18, 2008

House in Jacksonville

Our house in Jacksonville has still not sold after a year and half! We had pored so much love and work into this house it was suppose to be the house we raised our children in. We have owned the house for two years this May and only lived there 5 months. We trust the Lord as we moved down to Orlando as it has been better than we could have ever expected. We know God is taking us through this trail to grow us stronger. Scott and I have learned so much about money through this hard time .. we wouldn't change any of this. Our discipline for money is a lesson we definitely need. It's been a time of transformation we have changed our perspective and how many things we just don't really need. It been a time we don't go out to eat as much. I have started to learn and enjoy cooking. We have learn to give to our church and to people around us even if we feel we don't have enough to give. It's really not our money and we are so rich compared to most of the world! It's God's money and his plan and we completely hand this trail over to him! Please pray for not our house to sell but for God's will in completing us in his journey. Here are some before and after picture of our house.. it hard to believe this was two years ago. Here's the link if you know anyone that needs a house in Jacksonville we know a good one!:)
This is the Kitchen before/after

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