Friday, March 14, 2008


So, we were having friends come into town to visit us so I thought I would give Parker a quick hair trim before bath time. NOT a good idea... I finally found the clippers .. which should have been my 1st clue to give up on the hold thing... but I keep going anyways.. not a big deal I've cut his hair before and it didn't look that bad .. at least no one told me it was bad. If I had made mistakes with it in the past you couldn't really tell it was shorter on one side. So, I'm trying to hurry as only Parker will only sit still for a few seconds maybe a minute and before Brooke is trying to push Parker out of the Bumbo to have her hair cut.. Whatever Parker does she wants to do... different story for another time... Anyways I put the guard on the clippers I put the Guard on 6 so I don't take too much hair off. My first stroke the guard falls off and I shave a BALD spot on Parker's head!!! I froze as I sat there with a hand full of hair .. oh no what do I do?? Nothing and hope no one notices it!!!! :) Do you notice it in the picture???

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