Monday, March 10, 2008

Lucky is not so Lucky

We were on working in the yard on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.. the kids were napping and Lucky was hangin with us in the yard sunbathing. As I was planting flowers in the yard I heard a dog park and looked up and Lucky was gone. I yelled to Scott to see if he was with him. He wasn't anywhere to be found. Not thinking much of it as Lucky always wonders off to visit the neighborhood dogs. As I yelled for Lucky to return I saw him heading back down the sidewalk. I put he inside so I could finishing planting. After awhile I went in to wash my hands and Lucky brushed up against me .. blood all over my pants. Poor Lucky had a gash in his hip bleeding and looked very deep. I took him the ER were they told us they would have to do surgery. I just felt so bad for him and I know it hurt as he laid down he would cry a little .. I just hate to see someone you love hurt. ... I just couldn't imagine how I'm going to be when Brooke and Parker have an accident someday. He had to have LOTS of stitches not sure how many .. after 5 days he chewed through the stitches making it worse! Now Lucky has to were that silly cone around his head.. not sure why we didn't have him wear it in the 1st place. After another week it's looking a lot better.. He's just driving me crazy with this cone getting stuck and hitting the walls, knocking over the kids. It does give Scott and I a good laugh ... he just looks so funny with it on! Poor Lucky has had a hard couple of weeks. I hope this doesn't gross you out too much .. Lucky wanted me to show you so you would feel extra bad for him....

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